Covid19 Protocol

It is my goal to keep all of my clients safe during this challenging time and also be able to provide a relaxing and effective treatment. As we have all heard, this virus sits on surfaces for a long time and sits in the air for 3 hours waiting for the next person to come by and breath. These are the facts that have guided my protocol below.

Masks are optional at the moment as numbers are down. My protocol now is, if you wear a mask, I wear a mask. If you don't, I don't.

 Please wait two week after air travel or after you have tested positive with covid or the flu before making a massage appointment. Please do not come in with unmedicated allergies. please do not come in with a fever. (medicated or unmedicated.)

To address the virus being airborne for 3 hours-

*Client wears a light, comfortable, cloth mask that I provide or a mask of their own choosing. (Optional)

*I wear a mask (Optional)

*While facedown, there will be a cloth headrest hammock under the headrest to catch droplets and the client does not need to wear a mask face down. (Optional)

*I have 2 very high quality hepa filter running as well as a personal air conditioner unit recycling the air even more and many fans during and in between sessions.

*In between sessions I will leave an hour to air out the room. During this time, I will run an UV lamp for 30 minutes to kill all viruses and bacteria left in the air. Then I will run my high quality hepa filters and fans to insure all ozone is aired out. I also have my own air unit which filters the air even further.

* I will also take the clients temp and take my own temp between every client.

To address the virus being active on surfaces-

*I will change all sheets, blankets, pillow covers between every client.

*Dirty linens go in an inclosed, air tight container.

*Clean linens are kept in a air tight container.

*My hands will be washed before and after every client, up to my elbows and I will use hand sanitizer before touching the doorknob when I am done working.

*All commonly used surfaces, door knobs and light switches will be sanitized between every single client from the front door, to my office. Hand sanitizer will be offered before entering my room and when leaving.