Covid19 Protocol

It is my goal to keep all of my clients safe during this challenging time and also be able to provide a relaxing and effective treatment. As we have all heard, this virus sits on surfaces for a long time and sits in the air for 3 hours waiting for the next person to come by and breath. These are the facts that have guided my protocol below.

 A mask must be worn before entering the building and while in the building. There are exceptions, during treatment, but anytime you are not on the table, a mask must be worn. Hand sanitizer will be offered before entering the room. Temps will be taken before entering the massage room.

To address the virus being airborne for 3 hours-

*Client wears a light, comfortable, cloth mask that I provide or a mask of their own choosing.

*I wear a mask

*While facedown, there will be a cloth headrest hammock under the headrest to catch droplets and the client does not need to wear a mask face down. 

*I have a very high quality hepa filter running as well as the air conditioner and many fans during and in between sessions.

*In between sessions I will leave an hour to air out the room. During this time, I will run an UV lamp for 15 minutes to kill all viruses and bacteria left in the air. Then I will run my high quality hepa filter and fans with the door open for the remaining 45 minutes to insure all ozone is aired out. I also have my own air unit which filters the air even further.

* I will also wear a mask and take my own temp between every client.

To address the virus being active on surfaces-

*I will change all sheets, blankets, pillow covers between every client.

*Dirty linens go in an inclosed, air tight container.

*Clean linens are kept in a air tight container.

*My hands will be washed before and after every client, up to my elbows and I will use hand sanitizer before touching the doorknob when I am done working.

*All surfaces will be sanitized between every single client from the front door, to my office. Hand sanitizer will be offered before entering my room and when leaving.

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