(All spa packages or promotional discounted offers are only available on an individual basis and cannot be combined with other offers.)

Signature Massage-This is a massage custom built for your individual needs. We can structure it to include some deeper work or you can just relax with a swedish massage. This massage includes hot towels, 2 hot stones for neck and shoulders, a clay hot pack, hot neck wrap and a cool or warm eye pillow. Aromatherapy is available if desired at no extra cost. You will receive your entire time that you pay for. I never mark off time for getting on and off the table or consultations as most spas do.
-70 minutes $85.00
-90 minutes $105.00
Monthly and weekly membership discounts available.


Structural Integration, deep tissue massage-This massage option is for people who have specific structural muscle pain/dysfunction which they would like to address. This includes many deep tissue modalities such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy and isolated stretching. Everything in the body is connected so we will focus on the area of pain as well as the muscles affecting that area and causing the dysfunction. This is not necessarily a full body massage as many deep tissue modalities are very detailed oriented and slow moving. So we may be stuck in the problem spots for a long time. I will usually use some heat therapies to help warm the muscle and attain a relaxation response. All muscle work is easier when you are relaxed. So, I use heat therapies to a certain extent in all my massages.

-70 minutes $85.00

-90 minutes $105.00

Membership discounts available.

Athlete Tune-Up-This ninety minute option is specifically for athletes or weekend warriors. We will focus on flushing out the acid from the muscles and loosening up muscle adhesions in the trouble spots. 30 minutes of this massage will be devoted to isolated stretching.

-90 minutes $105.00

Membership discounts available.



Prenatal massage-

Prenatal massage is an excellent way to soothe strained muscles and nerves and it can be added to any therapy that does not include heat therapies. I have been doing prenatal massage throughout my 19 year career and it is one of my favorite modalities. I have all of the necessary experience and training to make your massage relaxing and safe.

-70 minutes $85.00

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Spa Therapies: Spa therapy services can be enjoyed as an add on to massage or as stand alone options. These include:
European hot towel facial-$45.00 if added onto a massage.
Pink Himalayan Salt foot scrub and heated, moisterizing, herbal foot mask.
-$45.00 if added onto a massage.
Himalayan, Pink, Mineral Rich, Body Scrub-This is an exfoliating treatment using a fine blend of magnesium and mineral rich Himalayan Pink salt. Hot towels are used to remove the treatment, leaving an abundance of mineral rich minerals to feed your skin and muscles.
-$85.00/$65.00 if added onto a massage of 70 minutes or longer.
Dead Sea body mask- A mineral rich clay body mask imported from the dead sea in Israel. The high mineral content is known to help joint pain, draw out impurities, and leave skin with a healthy glow!
-$85.00/$65.00 if added onto a massage of 70 minutes or longer.
Dead Sea back facial-This hot towel back treatment is similar to a European facial except on the back. It includes a Himalayan pink salt back exfoliation and Dead Sea mineral back mask. While the treatment is sitting for 30 minutes; a foot, neck and scalp massage is applied. A toner and dead sea moisturizer is applied at the finish. This is a relaxing treatment which will aid your body in replenishing minerals, helps with joint and muscle pain. Also, will aid in removing skin impurities. It is also a lovely addition to a one hour massage!


Reflexology: Reflexology in an ancient healing method which utilizes points on the feet to effect major organs of the whole body. (includes a warm or cool eye pillow, warm neck pillow, hot foot stones and hot towels for the feet) This a 20 minute add on treatment.
.-$25.00 added onto another service.


Foot nirvana add on:  If reflexology is too distracting but you just want a really thorough foot massage then this is the perfect add on for you! Also excellent for people suffering from diabetes!(includes a cool or warm eye pillow, warm neck pillow, hot foot stones and hot towels for the feet)-20 minute treatment.

-$25.00 added onto another service

Spa Packages:
The Mini Vacation: $145.00
-European hot towel facial
-Foot nirvana treatment
-A 70 minute massage
-Hot towels
-hot stones
-warm neck pillow
-warm or cool eye pillow
-hot clay pack
The Body Face and Feet Retreat: $195.00
-90 min massage
-European Hot Towel facial
-Foot scrub
-Heated Foot Mask
-Foot nirvana treatment

-Hot towels

-Hot Stones

-warm neck pillow

-warm or cool eye pillow

-hot clay pack



Cool Blast Headache and sinus soothing special- $25.00 add on

This special can be added onto any massage or package and adds an extra 20 minutes to any treatment. It includes a cold stone facial massage, and a peppermeint scalp and neck massage.


Reiki-$45.00 for 30 minutes


Hot stones:

15 stones; add an extra 20 minutes to massage-$25.00 ( I normally include 2 hot stones for a spa massage. this is for stones included during the whole massage.)


House Calls:

Occasionally people have very complicated and busy schedules and have difficulty making it to my office often enough to maintain their structural health. Under these circumstances I will consider a home visit. This service is limited to the Katy area within a 15 mile radius from my office . House-calls cannot be booked online but must be booked by phone call. This service is limited to existing clients, referrals, couples, or woman.


-If we use my table and my linens-

-1 person-downstairs-

One hour-$130.00

Ninety min-$150.00

-2 or more people, my table, my linens, downstairs-

One hour-$120.00 per person

Ninety min-$140.00 per person

(I do not offer an upstairs option with my table.)


-Upstairs is available for the same price. Using your table. (Massage tables can be found online for around $130.00)





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